Reliable Digger Hire In Englefield Green

AC Digger Hire Surrey has been providing digger hire services throughout Englefield Green for many years. We specialize in micro diggers, mini diggers and skid steer loaders. We have diggers in sizes of 0.8 to 2 tonnes in capacity.

AC Digger Hire in Englefield Green has a commitment to delivering unparalleled customer service as well as keeping our prices competitive. Our team are so efficient in scheduling that we offer a guarantee, if your digger doesn’t arrive within 60 minutes of the agreed booking slot, we will provide you with a digger with no charge for the day.

For more information on digger hire in Englefield Green or other services we offer, contact us today.

Discounts For Long Term Digger Rental

We generally charge a daily fee for our diggers, however we offer a substantial discount when hiring our diggers for a week or longer. AC digger hire in Englefield Green are known within the industry for offering some of the best quotes for quality digger rental.

Delivery Window Of One Hour,  If Not It’s Free For The Day

We understand that a building site needs to run smoothly tomake money , time is an important factor when your clients pays a price for the job. Our team give a 1 hour time slot for the delivery of your digger, if we don't reach the targeted time of drop off,  the digger is free for that day.

Modern Excavators With Service Back Up

Our diggers are kept in top shape, and are renewed whenever the warranty expires. Occasionally a breakdown may occur, and in that case, our engineers aim to be on site within one working day to repair or arrange for a replacement.



Why You Should Use Our Affordable Digger Rentals In Englefield Green

AC Digger Hire operating in Englefield Green offers mini digger hire in and around the county of Surrey. Our Mini Digger range is perfect for smaller building and landscaping projects that have limited access. Hiring our Mini Diggers is a very cost-effective way to get substantial amounts of work done. The Mini Digger is very portable and can be operated in tight spaces without a lot of effort. Our Mini Diggers fit through openings that are as small as 700 millimeters, making them the perfect choice for clients with accessibility challenges. 


Quality Micro Digger Hire Specialists In Englefield Green

Compact and powerful, the micro diggers allows users to perform work in even the tightest of spaces, such as in backyards and inside buildings. Despite the fact that it's a relatively small excavator, it's quite powerful. Micro excavators dramatically reduce the time and labor required for labor-intensive digging jobs in Englefield Green.


Affordable Skid Steer Hire

AC Digger Hire Surrey is the best place to get skid steer excavators in Englefield Green and the surrounding areas. We provide a large selection of skid steer loaders delivered to your location or work site within a few days. We have considerable experience in working with a broad range of clients, from industrial companies to individuals. Read reviews from our past customers, and their experiences with our skid steer diggers and overall service. We are confident in the reliability and safety of our service regardless of the clients needs, and we stand by the quality of our equipment and level of service.


What Diggers We Provide Across Englefield Green

AC Digger Hire Surrey has much to choose from in the way of Digger choices in Englefield Green. Our Digger options range from micro diggers to skid Steers.


Bobcat invented skid steer loaders, and they have gone on to produce these magnificent diggers for over 60 years. They have built a reputation of quality, performance, and reliability. Many Bobcat skid-steer models are equipped with Bobcat attachments, making them powerful tools on the jobsite. When you first step into the cab, you'll notice how much better this machine is compared to the competition. This tool had been engineered to raise the bar in every single way, and delivers better productivity where it absolutely needs it.


A small excavator with superior power when you need it, it’s a compact mini excavator with incredible potential. Every machine we produce for our customers provides the highest levels of comfort and precision in the industry. With the help of this compact machine, productivity can jump to the next level.


Micro Diggers can help gain access to a site that would be impossible to access with hand labor. Zero Tail Swing allows you to move through even tighter spaces and navigate narrower passageways. It provides greater flexibility for slewing and depositing spoil, and is most resistant to wear and tear.

The Right Decision For Small Digger Hire In Englefield Green

AC Digger Hire Surrey provides a wide range of small diggers, excavators and plant equipment, in Englefield Green and other nearby locations. We offer a huge range of diggers and plant hire machines that can be quickly rented and delivered to your site or home location. We have rented out a wide range of excavators for commercial contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Check out our customer feedback to make sure you’re comfortable with the high quality of our diggers and service. We have excavators ranging from micro diggers to 2 tonnes.


Amongst The Best Quality Digger Hire Companies

For your construction project, you deserve the finest quality Englefield Green diggers. Our experts will carefully examine your requirements as soon as you contact us, and recommend the right excavator for your needs. Our high-spec diggers have a variety of add-ons and are well maintained. Micro diggers are ideal for those areas where they would be impractical to use a full-sized hydraulic digger. We offer a range of cheap diggers that you can choose from regardless of whether you are planning to hire them for one day, two days, or the entire week. We can provide you with more information on request if needed.

More Information about Englefield Green

Englefield Green is a large village in the Borough of Runnymede, Surrey, England, approximately 20 miles west of central London. It is home to Royal Holloway, University of London. The village grew from a hamlet in the 19th century, when much of Egham was sold by the Crown Estate.

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Types Of Diggers We Supply In Englefield Green

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Digger Add-ons

Diggers are used for different types of work including landscaping, driveways, constructing houses and commercial properties. Our diggers are supplied with a full complement of add-ons, so our clients can be prepared for any eventuality they may encounter in each project they complete.

There are a range of digging buckets available for excavating, grading, and sifting thick clay that are 12” to 24” to avoid clay sticking to the digger.

Tilt buckets

 Bobcat HB380 Breaker

 12” Digging Bucket

 24” Digging Bucket

 39” Grading Bucket

 18” Clay Bucket

 Quick Hitch Buckets

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